Tarralyn Jones - In the Press

Tarralyn Jones, a devoted wife of (32) years to 1981 Super Bowl XV Champion (Raiders Willie Jones), mother of (3) children. A two-time breast cancer survivor (2002/2008), underwent a major unexpected surgery, removing two tumors from the brain in 2014, yet these unforeseen occurrences didn’t stop her from concentrating on successful treatments and recovery while operating a business as the Principal/Founder of the boutique firm (TJ’s Designs & Events) who create matchless services to meet clients’ demands from a custom creative design to strategic management perspective to the likes of influential players, including former colleagues, corporative executives, community frontrunners, Super Bowl LI Houston, Super Bowl LIV Miami, just to name a few, providing a “Dashing & Tailored Experience” ~ http://tjsdesignsandevents.com/.

Advocate to fight cancer, hurting women known as the energizer bunny with a nonstop daily routine by telling her story to women, organizing community events/fundraisers to educate/motivate/inspire, all targeted to raise awareness and encourage to pay close attention to the body while maintaining self-care.


Tarralyn Jones Shares Her Journey 

PFPMA (https://pfpma.org/) #NFL #CrucialCatch #AmericanCancerSociety partnered to allow Tarralyn Jones and Arica Johnson who shared their journey with the support of their sons as cancer survivors/warriors alongside a diverse representation of the NFL family impacted by cancer as part of American Cancer Society Friday Night Lights Tik Tok campaign.

NFL Moms Do Not Rush Challenge

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