It's time to take off your mask and live free!

This book is dedicated to the ones that have become complacent about living behind the mask. Knowingly or falling prey to assuming an identity that has you living a life in bondage. I pray in reading this book will involve self-discovery, breaking strongholds, taking the necessary steps to remove the mask, live a life of freedom, transparency and being the beautiful and authentic you!

"Masking has become a choice to manage disappointment,

a toxic habit that has become embedded in your identity. Not recognizing masking causes more harm than good... "



Tarralyn Jones

Author • Advocate • Thriving Survivor

Tarralyn is a devoted advocate passionate about inspiring, motivating, and educating women to live, laugh, love and be a self-love diva. Tarralyn loves creating platforms and planning events to encourage and pour into the hearts of hurting women. In her private time she enjoys daily meditation with the Lord, decorating, reading, travel, and spending quality time with her family...

Graduation Day

Proud Graduate (Missionary Evangelist)  August 1, 2019. Western Florida Second  Jurisdiction COGIC Bishop Larry E. Perkins MACT (Missionary Academy Credentialing Training) 1st graduating class.

Book Release

A joyous day standing alongside my husband in preparation for the reveal of my 1st book - "Living A Masked Life".  "Love conquers all. Marriage is when you go through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some things may be targeted to tear your marriage apart yet you come out even stronger than before."

Mothers of NFL Players

PFPMA  - (Professional Football Players Mother's Association). The Professional Football Players Mothers  Association is a support system for the mothers of Professional football players. Our mission is to serve, support, educate, and strengthen our communities through charitable giving.  


What peoples are saying:

“Living a Mask Life” is a riveting read by author Tarralyn Jones. The book will take you on a journey throughout her life as a sister, wife, mother and entrepreneur while concealing her truth from the world..."


"Living a Mask Life is an authentic & transparent book that will empower women to live a free spiritual life while unapologetically loving themselves and realizing they can do anything through Christ which strengthened you. A must read!"


"It's time to take off your mask and live free. Let’s begin taking the necessary steps to remove the masks

that have consumed your life."

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